BAK Automotive, Inc.

Specializing in

1963 - 1982


Suspension Systems

2902 Alpine Drive

Erie, PA  16506


(814) 969 - 4916


Mark Kibbe - President

We are now located in Erie, PA - 

still offering great service and reasonable prices just as we have since 1998.


We ship out and receive daily via FedEx, UPS and USPS so let us know in advance that your suspension parts are on their way for rebuilding.  We pride ourselves on high-quality, quick-turnaround work done to your specifications.  Whether your Corvette is a daily driver or a perfect show car, we do the job right and get your Corvette BAK on the road!


Please be sure and visit us each August at the Corvettes @ Carlisle Show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Our spaces at the show are M7-M8.  We offer free delivery to the show for orders placed in advance, or plan to drop off your supsension parts for rebuilding to save on shipping costs. 


THANK YOU to all of our past, present and future customers.

----- While we will continue to offer the lowest possible prices, they are subject to change without notice.  Please inquire for latest prices. -----